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Attention : DME Suppliers
pVerify’s Medicare Same or Similar Claim History Tool including A, B, E, K & L-Codes
Easy to Use and Quicker Processing time to Save Money, Time & Effort
Check Claim History of your Eligible Medicare Patients in just few mouse clicks!
Contact to get yourself registered.
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Attention : pVerify Eligibility Checking Users
Effective 02/20/2019, we have added 2 new Search Criteria(s) in HUMANA which enables to run transaction with Medicare ID & DOB OR Medicaid ID & DOB of Patient when HUMANA Member ID is not available
Effective 07/15/2019, EPIC Life Insurance (Payer ID 01092) and International Medical Card Inc. (Payer ID 01148) has been temporarily deactivated in our system, effective immediately.
Attention : pVerify Customers!!!!
MFA is enabled.So, Multiple logins with Single user credentials is not allowed.
Notice from pVerify - new Multi Factor Authentication(MFA) feature which may affect Users of pVerify.
It is critical that you read this notice in its entirety as your operations may be affected.
As part of continual effort to improve our services, pVerify switched to MFA , which will affect pVerify Users. What this means is that each user will be allowed Only 1 (One) log in to our site at without email verification. On second log in attempt for the same User ID from a different browser OR a different IP address, you will be sent a MFA code on the Registered e-mail of that User-ID. You must enter this code to continue. Once Valid Code is entered Existing Session will be logged-off and new Session will begin, thus at any point of time same UserID will not be able to login from multiple system / locations. This is similar to other secured sites such as banking, Apple etc.
We are doing this in an effort to protect you as our client from unauthorized / hacked logins.
What pVerify Customer must do ?
Account administrators must ensure each of your users has their own separate login PREFERABLY with unique email addresses that identify the user.You will not be able to share logins among different Users, which is a violation of HIPAA and our policies.
See this guide for creating new users if you are not aware.
Thanks for being a pVerify customer!
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